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Quality Engineer

Job Description




Organize and formulate work plans for the quality management of electronic components and track the implementation.

Organize the statistics, analysis and improvement of quality problems at various stages, and participate in the summary meeting discussion.

Summarize the process, equipment/tooling, parts and other issues of the trial production or initial mass production of electronic components and promote improvement.

Assist in formulating / revising process inspection work instructions, finished product storage/outgoing inspection instruction cards, and product quality standards.

Analysis and improvement of major defects in the organization process, and track and implement various improvement measures to ensure the effectiveness of the improvement measures.

Participate in various product audits to ensure that they meet the requirements and quality of quality assurance.


Participate in the analysis of the cause of the failure of the final product and propose an improvement plan, the supervision and implementation of the quality improvement plan.

Participate in the quality analysis meeting, provide analysis data, deal with substandard products and quality accidents, and supervise the effectiveness of corrective measures.

Tracking and verification of improvement measures for product quality analysis problem points.

Key Qualifications & Additional Requirements


Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics and materials; understand basic electrical principles and electronic technology.

More than two years of large and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, with experience in electronic or material quality management.

Master the ISO9001 quality management system, and be able to use the seven methods of QC, 5WHY and 8D to deal with process problems.

Have good communication skills, problem solving skills and teamwork spirit.


Electronics, materials related majors


Bachelors degree or abovee


Proficient in English reading, writing related international standards and documents.

System / Software

SAP, Windows office

Working Years

3 Years or more

Management Years


Working Years of Similar Products

1 Years or more




Xiamen, Changzhou, Wuxi, Xi'an

Job Category

Quality Assurance 

Position Level


Occupation Type




Report to

Product Quality Assurance Manager

Report To

Quality Assurance Manager working in the BU

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