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SETsafe | SETfuse
SETsafe | SETfuse
SETsafe | SETfuse
SETsafe | SETfuse
Fusible Wirewound Resistor (RXF)

Fusible Wirewound Resistor (RXF) - RXF21SC series

RXF21SC series

Power Type (P): 2 W

Rated Resistance (R): 0.27 ~ 1000 Ω

Resistance Tolerance: 5% / 10%


Xiamen SET Electronics Co., Ltd.


● Surge Protection

● Over Current Protection

● Inrush Current Protection

● Miniaturized Product

● RoHS & REACH Compliant

Mounting Style

Through Hole

Termination Style

Axial, Radial


● Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)

● Adapters

● LED Drivers

● Small Power Home Appliances

Technology Applications Markets Applications

Design Standards & Agency Approvals


UL (America):

Standards: UL 1412

File NO.: E324712

UL_ RXF_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf

cUL (Canada):

Standards: UL 1412

File NO.: E324712

cUL_ RXF_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf

VDE (Germany):

Standards: IEC 62368-1

File NO.: 40035527

VDE_RXF_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf

CQC (China):

Standards: SJ 2865

File NO.: CQC10001049760

CQC_RXF_RXF21SC_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf

Quality Assurance

Fuse quality S.png

For product quality, our goal is to be industry-leading. We ensure that the quality of the product meets the expected goals from the following process.


Quality Policy.

Qualified Supplier of Raw Materials.

IQC (AQL, Dimension, Function, Visual Inspection, RoHS & REACH Test).

Process, Online Inspection and Testing (Function 100% Test).

IPQC (AQL, Dimension, Function, Visual Inspection).

FQC (AQL, Dimension, Function, Visual Inspection, RoHS & REACH Test).

Reliability Test (AQL).

OQC (Packaging, Labeling, Quantity Inspection).

Agency (Safety Certificate) Annual, Quarterly Audits.

Quality Management System (TUV Approved and issued certificate).


SETsafe | SETfuse

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Fusible Wirewound Resistor (RXF) is a power resistor, which is made by winding a resistive element on a ceramic core, and the core is coated by insulation coating. As a Protective Component, RXF works as a fixed resistor in normal operation, and is designed to open the circuit under the overload condition.


SETsafe | SETfuse RXF is attractive owing to its Miniaturized Size and Superior Properties and it has already been approved by UL, cUL, CQC, VDE. It also complies with RoHS, REACH.


RXF21SC series