SETsafe | SETfuse
SETsafe | SETfuse
SETsafe | SETfuse
SETsafe | SETfuse
SETsafe | SETfuse
Thermal-Link (ATCO)-Alloy Type
  • Thermal-Link (ATCO)-Alloy Type
  • K series×
K series

Rated Functioning Temp. (Tf): 76 ~ 221 ℃

Rated Current (Ir): 2 A / 250 VAC, 4 A / 60 VDC

Rated Voltage (Ur): 250 VAC, 60 VDC


Xiamen SET Electronics Co., Ltd.


● Transparent Plastic Case

● Non-Resettable

● High Accuracy of Functioning Temp.

● RoHS & REACH Compliant

Mounting Style

Through Hole


● Lamps

● Switched-Mode Power Supplies

● Home Electrical Appliances

● Transformers

● Motors

● Batteries

Technology Applications Markets Applications

Design Standards & Agency Approvals


UL (America):

Standards: UL 60691

File NO.: E214712

UL_ATCO_K0&K18&K1&K2&K3&K4&K8&K5&K9&K6&K7&K32&K31_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf


cUL (Canada):

Standards: CAN-CSA-E60691

File NO.: E214712

cUL_ATCO_K0&K18&K1&K2&K3&K4&K8&K5&K9&K6&K7&K32&K31_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf


TUV (Germany):

Standards: EN 60691

File NO.: R50161772 / R50161779

TUV_ATCO_K0&K1&K2&K3&K4&K9&K6&K7&K17&K32&K31_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf


VDE (Germany):

Standards: EN 60691

File NO.: 40017055

VDE_ATCO_K18&K1&K2&K3&K4&K8&K5&K9&K6&K7_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf


PSE (Japan):

Standards: J60691

File NO.: PSE16021063 / PSE16021064 / PSE16021065 / PSE16021066 / PSE16021067 / PSE16021068 / JET2121-32001-2021 / JET2121-32001-2022 / JET2121-32001-2023 / JET2121-32001-2024 / JET2121-32001-2025 / JET2121-32001-2026 / JET2121-32001-2027 / JET2121-32001-2028

PSE_ATCO_K0&K18&K1&K2&K3&K4&K8&K5&K9&K6&K7&K16_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf

PSE_ATCO_≤80℃_Ir≤5A_K_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf

PSE_ATCO_>80℃~≤100℃_Ir≤5A_K_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf

PSE_ATCO_>100℃~≤120℃_Ir≤5A_K_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf

PSE_ATCO_>120℃~≤140℃_Ir≤5A_K_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf

PSE_ATCO_>140℃~160℃_Ir≤5A_K_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf

PSE_ATCO_>180℃~≤200℃_Ir≤5A_K_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf

PSE_ATCO_>200℃~≤220℃_Ir≤5A_K_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf

PSE_ATCO_>220℃~≤240℃_Ir≤5A_K_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf


KC (Korea):

Standards: K60691

File NO.: SU05023-6001A / SU05023-6002A / SU05023-6003B

KC_ATCO_K18&K1&K2&K3&K4&K8&K5&K9&K6&K7_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf


CCC (China):

Standards: GB/T 9816

File NO.: 2020980205000195

CCC_ATCO_K0&K18&K1&K2&K3&K4&K8&K5&K9&K6&K7&K16&K32&K31_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf


● Other Temp.

● The Length of Lead Wires

● Taping Packing Available

● Lead Wires can be Insulated

● Tinned Copper Wires or CP Wires

Quality Assurance

Fuse quality S.png

For product quality, our goal is to be industry-leading. We ensure that the quality of the product meets the expected goals from the following process.

Quality Policy.

Qualified Supplier of Raw Materials.

IQC (AQL, Dimension, Function, Visual Inspection, RoHS & REACH Test).

Process, Online Inspection and Testing (Function 100% Test).

IPQC (AQL, Dimension, Function, Visual Inspection).

FQC (AQL, Dimension, Function, Visual Inspection, RoHS & REACH Test).

Reliability Test (AQL).

OQC (Packaging, Labeling, Quantity Inspection).

Agency (Safety Certificate) Annual, Quarterly Audits.

Quality Management System (TUV Approved and issued certificate).


SETsafe | SETfuse

Brand Story.png


Alloy Thermal-Link / Alloy Thermal Cutoff (ATCO) is defined as a non-resettable protective device functioning one time only. It is widely used in electrical equipment. ATCO is mainly consist of fusible alloy, flux resin, case, sealant and lead wires. Normally, fusible alloy is jointed to the two lead wires. Under abnormal conditions, when the temp. reaches to the fusing temp. of ATCO, the fusible alloy melts and quickly retracts to the two lead wire ends with the aid of the flux resin and disconnects the circuit completely.


K series