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SETsafe | SETfuse
SETsafe | SETfuse
SETsafe | SETfuse
SETsafe | SETfuse
Metal Oxide Varistor & MOV Disk-Standard Type
  • Metal Oxide Varistor & MOV Disk
  • YMJ25S series×
YMJ25S series

Max. Continuous a.c. Voltage(vac): 50 ~ 750 V
Max. Peak Current (Imax): 25 kA


Xiamen SET Electronics Co., Ltd.


● Low Leakage Current

● Bidirectional and Symmetrical V/I Characteristics

● Superior thermal stability 

● Operating Temperature Range: 

● Low Temperature: -40 °C

● High Temperature: 85 °C

● Agency Approvals:UL

● RoHS & REACH Compliant


● Power Supplies

● Electric Meter

● Industrial Devices

● Telecom Devices



Design Standards & Agency Approvals

UL (America):

Standards: UL 1449 4th Edition

File NO.: E322662


cUL (Canada):

Standards: CSA C22.2 NO.269.5-17

File NO.: E322662

Quality Assurance

For product quality, our goal is to be industry-leading. We ensure that the quality of the product meets the expected goals from the following process.


Quality Policy.

Qualified Supplier of Raw Materials.

IQC (AQL, Dimension, Function, Visual Inspection, RoHS & REACH Test).

Process, Online Inspection and Testing (Function 100% Test).

IPQC (AQL, Dimension, Function, Visual Inspection).

FQC (AQL, Dimension, Function, Visual Inspection, RoHS & REACH Test).

Reliability Test (AQL).

OQC (Packaging, Labeling, Quantity Inspection).

Quality Management System (TUV Approved and issued certificate).


SETsafe | SETfuse

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SETsafe | SETfuse has manufactured Metal Oxide Varistor(MOV) for years and has accumulated rich production experience. Each varistor has undergone a series of physical and electrical tests. To ensure its reliability and protection capabilities. Varistors with high over-voltage protection are widely used in various lightning arresters.


YMJ25S series