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SETsafe | SETfuse
SETsafe | SETfuse
SETsafe | SETfuse
SETsafe | SETfuse
SPD (Low-voltage Power Systems)
  • SPD (Low-voltage Power Systems)
  • SD20S series, T2×
SD20S series, T2

Max. Continuous Operating Voltage (Uc): L-N: 385 VAC, N-PE: 255 VAC

Nominal Discharge Current (In) (8 / 20 μs): 20 kA

Max. Discharge Current (Imax) (8 / 20 μs): 40 kA

Protection Mode: 3+1 (L–N, N-PE)


SPD SD20S 3+1_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf

Datasheet (PDF Document) Include: Specifications, Agency Approvals, Packaging, Structure Diagrams, Glossary, Part Numbering System, Installation, Usage, Replace, Storage and other information.


Xiamen SET Electronics Co., Ltd.


● For Three-Phase System

● MOV Module Tripping Ability: 800 V, 100 A

● High Environmental Adaptability

● Compact Structure with Height Only 49 mm

● With Remote Signaling and Failure Indicator

● RoHS & REACH Compliant

3D of Product Structure

You can download the 3D diagram of product structure to help you improve design efficiency to create more great products.

SD20S230A404 series_3D_SPD_SETsafe &


● AC / DC Power System

● New Energy

● Residential Building

● Telecommunications

● Internet Data Center (IDC)

● Distribution System

Technology Applications Markets Applications

Design Standards & Agency Approvals


The following certificates (PDF Documents) are only used for browsing on the web to prove the product has been certified. If you need a full version certificate, Please contact:

CQC (China):

Standards: GB/T 18802.11

File No.: Ongoing

CQC_SPD_SD20S_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf

Quality Assurance

SPD (Low-voltage Power Systems) Quality Assurance

For product quality, our goal is to be industry-leading. We ensure that the quality of the product meets the expected goals from the following process.

Quality Policy.

Qualified Supplier of Raw Materials.

Incoming Quality Control (IQC):

Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL), Dimension, Function, Visual Inspection, RoHS & REACH Test. etc..


Online Inspection and Function Test 100%, etc..

In Process Quality Cortrol (IPQC): AQL, Dimension, Function, Visual Inspection, etc..

Final Quality Control (FQC):

AQL, Dimension, Function, Visual Inspection, RoHS & REACH Test, etc..

Reliability Test:

AQL Sampling Test.

Outgoing Quality Control (OQC):

Packaging, Labeling, Quantity Inspection, etc..

Agency Information:

Safety Certificate Agency Annual, Quarterly Audits. Include UL, cUL, VDE, TUV, KC, PSE, CCC. etc..

Quality Management System:

TUV Approved and Issued Certificate.


SETsafe | SETfuse

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Din-rail Surge Protective Device

Surge protective devices (SPDs) are designed to meet requirements for UL 1449 Forth Edition and IEC/EN 61643-11. They are DIN-rail mountable featuring a fail-safe protection, visual indicator and remote signal contact. It has a good environmental adaptability and meets the requirements of high reliability in important field.


SD20S series, T2