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Testing Services

Service target: Only for our customers.


Our Testing Center (Laboratory) combine unique testing capabilities with expert consultation.

we are not biased toward a particular technology and answer questions impartially to identify the right solution for each application.


Our testing capabilities include:

l  Damp Heat, Steady State

l  Damp Heat Test

l  Temperature and Humidity Cycle Conditioning

l  High Temperature and Humidity Endurance

l  High Temperature Limit Test

l  Long-Term High Temperature Test

l  High Temperature and Humidity Reverse Bias

l  High Temperature Reverse Aging

l  Low Temperature Limit Test

l  Accelerated Dry Heat Endurance

l  Accelerated Damp Heat, Steady State Endurance

l  Damp Heat, Cyclic

l  Rapid Change of Temperature With Prescribed Time of Transfer

l  Temperature Shock

l  High And Low Temperature Impact Test

l  Temperature Cycle Test

l  Thermal Shock

l  Long-Term High and Low Temperature Cycle Test

l  Accelerated Temperature Shock Test

l  Change of Temperature With Specified Rate of Change

l  High and Low Temperature Cycle Test

l  Accelerated Moisture Resistance - Unbiased Autoclave

l  Salt Mist, Cyclic

l  Vibration, Sinusoidal

l  Vibration, Broadband Random

l  Packaging Vibration

l  Packaging Free Fall Repeated

l  Free Fall Repeated

l  Pendulum Impact Test

l  Mechanical Strength

l  Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage Test

l  Upper Category Temperature Durability

l  Standard Aging

l  Long-Term Aging

l  Load Aging

l  Temperature Life Test

l  Holding Temperature

l  Long-Term High Temperature Load Test

l  Temperature Limit Test

l  Maximum Temperature Limit

l  Temperature-Time Characteristics

l  Response Rate

l  Temperature Sensitive Speed

l  Rated Functioning Temperature

l  Load Rated Functioning Temperature

l  Load Temperature Sensitive Speed

l  Conductive Heat Ageing Test

l  Extended Holding Temperature Conditioning Test

l  Current Shock

l  Pulse Current

l  Measured Limiting Voltage

l  Rated Energy

l  Single Pulse Peak Current

l  Multiple Pulse Peak Current

l  Maximum Peak Current

l  Limiting Voltage With The Combination Wave

l  Determine The Voltage Protection Level

l  Clamping Voltage

l  Voltage Protection Level

l  Operating Duty Test

l  Grade Limit Voltage Test

l  Ignition Voltage

l  Front-of-Wave Sparkover Voltage

l  High Temperature Lightning

l  Surge Test

l  Machine Surge

l  Fusing Time Characteristics

l  Current Time Characteristics

l  Surface Temperature Test

l  Overload Characteristic Test

l  Transient Overload Current

l  Limited Current

l  Thermal Stability

l  Thermal Trip Test

l  Disconnect Current

l  Short-Circuit Current Behaviour Tests

l  Maximum Breaking Voltage

l  Maximum Breaking Current

l  Behaviour Under Temporary Overvoltages(TOVS)

l  TOVS Caused By Faults In The Low Voltage System

l  TOVS Caused By Faults In The High(Medium)Voltage System

l  Electric Strength

l  Dielectric Withstand

l  Withstand Voltage

l  Insulation Resistance

l  Internal Resistance

l  Impulse Breakdown Voltage

l  AC Discharge Current

l  Glow-Wire Flammability Test

l  Determination of The Proof and The Comparative Tracking

l  Horizontal and Vertical Flame Test

l  Ball Pressure Test

l  Needle-Flame Test

l  Tensile Test

l  Compression Force Test

l  Three-Point Bending

l  Insertion And Withdrawal Force

l  Vickers Hardness

l  Melt Flow Rate

l  Surface Polishing

l  Ultrasonic Stirring

l  Particle Distribution Measurement

l  Thermogravimetric Analysis

l  Surface Topography Observation

l  Coating Thickness Test

l  Metal Element Composition Analysis

l  Material Infrared Spectrum

l  Chromatic Aberration

l  X-RAY Fluoroscopy Inspection



For more information about how our  testing services can help you, please email us:

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