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Thermal-Link (ATCO)

Thermal-Link (ATCO)

XG series

Rated Current (Ir): 3 A

Rated Voltage (Ur): 250 VAC / 60 VDC

Rated Functioning Temp. (Tf): 76 ~ 221


● Transparent Plastic Case

● Non-Resettable

● High Accuracy of Functioning Temp.

● Make a Mounting Hole

● RoHS & REACH Compliant


● Lamps

● Switched-Mode Power Supplies

● Home Electrical Appliances

● Batteries

Technology Applications Markets Applications

Design Standards & Agency Approvals


UL (America):

Standards: UL 60691

File NO.: E214712

UL_ATCO_XG0&XG18&XG1&XG2&XG3&XG4&XG8&XG5&XG9&XG6&XG7&XG32&XG31_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf


cUL (Canada):

Standards: CAN-CSA-E60691

File NO.: E214712

cUL_ATCO_XG0&XG18&XG1&XG2&XG3&XG4&XG8&XG5&XG9&XG6&XG7&XG32&XG31_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf


TUV (Germany):

Standards: EN 60691

File NO.: R50384415

TUV_ATCO_XG_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf


PSE (Japan):

Standards: J60691

File NO.: PSE16021063 / PSE16021064 / PSE16021065 / PSE16021066 / PSE16021067 / PSE16021068

PSE_ATCO_XG_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf


CCC (China):

Standards: GB/T 9816

File NO.: 2020980205000195

CCC_ATCO_XG_SETsafe & SETfuse.pdf


● Other Temp.

● The Length of Lead Wires

● Taping Packing Available

● Lead Wires can be Insulated

● Tinned Copper Wires or CP Wires

Quality Assurance

Fuse quality S.png

For product quality, our goal is to be industry-leading. We ensure that the quality of the product meets the expected goals from the following process.

Quality Policy.

Qualified Supplier of Raw Materials.

IQC (AQL, Dimension, Function, Visual Inspection, RoHS & REACH Test).

Process, Online Inspection and Testing (Function 100% Test).

IPQC (AQL, Dimension, Function, Visual Inspection).

FQC (AQL, Dimension, Function, Visual Inspection, RoHS & REACH Test).

Reliability Test (AQL).

OQC (Packaging, Labeling, Quantity Inspection).

Agency (Safety Certificate) Annual, Quarterly Audits.

Quality Management System (TUV Approved and issued certificate).